Prototype Options

Do you need:

  • A visual presentation for an exhibition?
  • To see a selected part of your design work?
  • To test a mini-series without getting into a mold?

To see a 3D model physically before the product has left the drawing board, will shorten development time dramatically by up to 20-50% compared to traditional development with various modifications of the mold.

A prototype provides the ideal starting point, because you early in the development process can visualize and evaluate the product along with other team members involved in the project, and everyone can see opportunities or limitations from their particular perspective of the project.



The color of the parts in plastic is normally off white. You also have the option for transparent parts, if you have to evaluate for example a liquid within the part.


If you want the prototype in flexible rubber material, you can choose between black and semi-transparent. You also have the possibility to combine plastic and rubber materials, so you thereby get completely new materials, which we call digital materials for prototypes.

Do you have other wishes, please call for an informal chat. Easy2day have the opportunity to offer many other processes linked to 3D models, and we will find an attractive solution for your project. The prototype you will have in your hand within a few days.

For request / price calculations on parts for prototypes, you can send files directly to Easy2day on the contact page.


Features & Print area

Material properties for the print material is very close to the product they will subsequently produce item e.g. ABS, PA, PP or rubber. Under digital materials, you can see the exact material properties.

For all types of materials you can create assembly drawings in one step with small tolerances between the parts. This process avoids harmful remnants of support materials, that could destroy the properties you want tested.

Max. item size in-house is dim. (XYZ) 490x390x200 mm. An alternative for very large part, is to split the part up into several sub-parts then glue the segments together.

PolyJet - (ABS - PP - Gummi)

For choosing the surface detail level of your part, you have to choose between High Speed Normal (HS) or High Quality (HQ) for finer surfaces.

HS is for parts that do not contain small and fine details, as the layer thickness is 0.029mm (29μ). HQ is for minor parts which have small and fine details, as the layer thickness is 0.016mm (16μ).

SLS - (PA)

SLS parts are fabricated in HS and is for parts that do not contain small and fine details as the layer thickness is 0.1mm (100μ)


Many opportunities with prototypes


Vacuum part used as a master for new types of packaging.

Delivery time 2-4 days


Silicone mould for PUR casting of many parts, made from a cast of a master 3D printed object. The final object is then fabricated in the desired material (green transparent acrylic in this case).

Delivery time 1-2 weeks


A form is printed to cast silicone parts in the right type of material.

Delivery time 2-4 days


Chrome surface on PolyJet part, about 50 microns thick, gives the correct appearance for its given application.

Delivery time 1-2 weeks

Material properties for prototypes

We offer a wide variety of materials available for immediate printing and prototyping.

Standard-material Digital-material
Standard/Procedure FullCure 720 VeroWhite VeroBlack DM 8510 DM 8520 DM 8530
Tensile Strength MPa D-638 60.3 49.8 50.7 49 44 39
Elongation at Break, % D-638 20 20 17.7 35-45 50-60 60-70
Modulus of Elasticity, Mpa D-638 2870 2495 2192 2350 2150 1750
Flexural Strength, MPa D-790 75.8 74.6 79.6 67 54 48
Flexural Modulus, MPa D-790 1718 2137 2276 2050 1700 1550
Izod Notched Impact, J/m D-256 21.3 24.1 23.9 25 25 25
Compression Strength, MPa D-695 84.3
Shore Scale D < 83.0 < 83.0 < 83.0
Rockwell Scale M 81.0 81.0
Heat Distortion Temperature, °C D-648 @ 0.45Mpa 48.4 47.6 47 44 41 41
Heat Distortion Temperature, °C D-648 @ 1.82Mpa 44.4 43.6 42.9
Tg, °C DMA,E" 48.7 58.0 62.7
A sh C Content < 0.01% < 0.40%
Color Semitransparent White Black Gray 25 Gray 40 Gray 60

Rubber material properties table:

Standard-material Digital-material
Standard/Procedure Tango+
DM9X40 DM9X50 DM9X60 DM9X70 DM9X85 DM9X95
Color White/Black Off-White/Black Off-White/Black Off-White/Black Off-White/Black Off-White/Black Off-White/Black
Tensile Strength MPa ASTM D-412 1.45 1 1 3 3 6 20
Elongation at Break, % ASTM D-412 218 160 140 90 60 55 30
Compression set, % ASTM D-395 4.4
Shore A Hardness, Deg ASTM D-2240 27 40 50 60 70 85 95
Tensile Tear Resistance, Kg/cm ASTM D-624 3.47 5 6 8 13 26 46
Tg, °C DSC (-80°C+100°C) -9.6
Ross Flex ASTM D-1052 > 150.000

Nylon based materials properties table:

Standard/Procedure PA2200
Density, g/cm³ EOS 0,90 - 0,95
Color - Off-White
Tensile modulus, N/mm² EN ISO-527 1700 ± 150
Tensile Strength, N/mm² EN ISO-527 45 ± 3
Elongation at Break, % EN ISO-527 20 ± 5
Flexural Modulus, N/mm² EN ISO-178 1240 ± 130
Izod Notched Impact, Kj/m² EN ISO-180 32,8 ± 3,4
Izod Notched Impact, Kj/m² EN ISO-180 4,4 ± 0,4
Shore, Scale D DIN 53505 75 ± 2
Ball indentation hardness, N/mm² EN ISO 2039 77,6 ± 2
Charpy-impact strength, Kj/m² EN ISO-179 53 ± 3,8
Charpy-Notched impact str., Kj/m² EN ISO-179 4,8 ± 0,3
Melting point DIN 53736 172 - 180 °C