Showroom prototyper


Below you can see some of the examples, which are used prototypes during product development. Topics in plastic, rubber or a 2K-part, there are many opportunities to see the product before starting up a production

Standard Plastic and Rubber parts

It is possible to check whether there is room for all the components in the assembly process through the transparent shells.

Design assessment of silicone dish, functionality and design.

2K - Parts

Here it is possible to look at the handle and see if it feels right to touch.

Remote control, how the buttons feels like? The part is produced in one operation for testing.

Toothbrush with soft hair that is produced in one operation for testing.

Morten Resen  from the Danish TV-programme “Go´morgen Danmark” was really fascinated by the possibilities of printing.If you want to see the feature, short version 1min. playing @ YouTube. or the entire feature at 6 min. by TV2



For research and medical use.

One can assess how to position the implant in the patient.

Bats scanned and constructed as a prototype, so the bat prototype can be used for studio experiments of the sonar.

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