Prototypes options

  • Do you need a visual presentation for an exhibition?
  • Need to see a selected part of your design work?
  • Need of getting tested a mini-series without getting into a mold?

To see a 3-D model physically before the product has left the drawing board, will shorten development time dramatically by up to 20-50% compared to traditional development with various modifications of the mold.

A prototype provides the ideal starting point because you early in the development process can visualize and evaluate the product along with others involved in the project, and everyone can see opportunities or limitations from their particular perspective of the company.

Plastic and rubber
The color of the parts in plastic is normally off white. You also have the option for transparent parts if you must evaluate, for example a food item within the part.

If you want the prototype in flexible rubber material, you can choose between black and semi-transparent.
You also have the possibility to combine plastic and rubber materials, so you thereby get completely new materials, which we call digital materials for prototypes.

Do you have other wishes, please call for an informal chat. Easy2day have the opportunity to offer many other processes linked to 3D - models, and we will find an attractive solution for your project.
The prototype you will have in your hand within a few days.

On request / price calculation on parts for prototypes, you can send files directly to Easy2day (Order prototype).

Material properties for the print material is very close to the product they will subsequently produce item e.g. ABS, PA, PP or rubber. Under digital materials, you can see the exact material properties

For all types of materials you can create assembly drawings in one step with small tolerances between the parts. This process avoids harmful remnants of support materials that can destroy the function you want tested.

Max. item size In - house is dim. (XYZ) 490x390x200 mm.
The alternative to very large prt, is to split the part up I several parts then glue the segments together.

For detail on the part, you have to choose between High Speed (HS) Normal or High Quality (HQ) finer surface.

PolyJet - (ABS - PP - Gummi)

HS - is for parts that do not contain many small and fine details, layer thickness is 0.029mm (29μ)
HQ - for minor parts which have small, fine details, layer thickness is 0.016mm (16μ)

SLS - (PA)

HS - is for parts that do not contain many small and fine details, layer thickness is 0.1mm (100μ)


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